Since mandating the retrofit of multiunit buildings in San Francisco, the Building Department has required the review of more than 6000 buildings citywide. In 2015. The city of Los Angeles has implemented a similar retrofit program for soft and “tuck under” buildings and well as non ductile concrete buildings. From filing the screening form to completing the retrofit, ONE Design will help you improve the seismic performance of your building and meet the goals of this program efficiently and effectively. Using design codes such as  FEMA P807, ASCE-31 & ASCE-41, financially burdensome retrofits can be made more affordable and less time-consuming. The power of analysis offered by these performance-based codes can be critical when profitability hinges on downtime due to business closure.

San Francisco also encourages building owners to add additional units to buildings where that are either voluntarily retrofitted or are subject to the program. ONE Design has been at the forefront of this unit addition program and with our expertise in both planning and structural concerns, we are uniquely positioned to enable you to develop your property’s potential beyond what you thought was possible.



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