ONE:10 – 01:10

This year we are delighted to announce that we have been in business for 10 years. We have made it to the point that most businesses don’t. Much has changed for me on a personal level with a young family and a ten-year-old to boot! Nothing teaches humility like the tenacity of our kids and their life force.  But the concepts I pursue in design have not.  To mark this occasion, we are pleased to announce our ONE:10 or 1 in 10 program.

ONE:10 symbolism in numerology is deep and profound. It represents a time of reflection and as a mirror hour, it offers us the opportunity to reflect inwards. This holds true to the tenets that we pursue in remodeling and design. The process of remodeling or relocating to a new home is one of the biggest endeavors a homeowner makes in their lives. As such it is as much a time of reflection on your past experiences as they frame your future goals and desires. 01:10 offers the concept of synchronicity and duality. The number 11 is connected with ambition and desire but requires us to be idealistic and courageous.

Now more than ever, we as a society need our mirror hour. Climate change is front and central now and we need to be more courageous than ever in our pursuit of harmony and efficiency.

ONE Design supports and encourages our clients to embrace this in our projects. Energy efficiency and sustainable eco-friendly design is the core of our work. Zero net energy is a goal set by industry for future housing and our future is here now. The climate change fueled disasters are driving this point home.  Rainwater harvesting, water recycling, and waste reduction are key components in our designs. This coupled with energy efficiencies that go above and beyond code requirements are integral to how we adaptively reuse and recycle our housing and prepare it for the next cycle in its life. We all have a responsibility now to do more to cut our carbon footprint even if it seems tiny and inconsequential on a global scale.

With all this in mind, we are offering our clients for the remainder of 2021, the following challenge. Pick a nonprofit or fund that aggressively pursues these goals.

Follow the link here for a few suggestions

Provide us this receipt along with the organization’s tax id and we will not only match your donation we will credit this donation to you from fees we bill directly to you. ONE Design is committing to donating $10,000 this year plus up to 10% of your bill as a credit.*

Optimism is key to our ability to overcome. Engineers now more than ever have a responsibility to take the lead in rebuilding this country’s infrastructure in a smart and sustainable way. Our country is turning a corner now while it’s going to be a rough transition there are huge signs for optimism. We embrace this optimism as we look to building the next 10 years and improving our homes and for our children and their children.

The future depends on what we do in the present- Mahatma Gandhi


*We are offering the 10% Credit on your bill through the end of 2021 this is subject to verification by proof of a receipt from the organization you have donated to. This credit applies to contract fees or design services billed by us between October 1 & December 31. Let us know via email which invoice this is to be applied to when you provide us your donation receipt, and we will issue you a revised invoice showing the credit.