Lombard Street

This unique 5-unit property perched atop Russian Hill has it all. Carved out of Robert Louis Stevenson’s estate, this building offered a set of unique site situations due to the undersized lot. Given the complexities of the planning process in San Francisco, ONE Design used its strategic and logistical skills to provide a unique set of solutions. For example, to rehabilitate the five units to today’s standard requires more open space than the lot offers. The solution ONE Design proposed was the common roof deck and private roof terraces from the penthouse apartment which provide the units with ample quality open space and offer 360 degree vistas.

Drawing from the context of its history, the Mediterranean style of the building has been enhanced with the addition of wrought iron balconies and terracotta tiled roof terraces. The rehabilitation — involving a complete overhaul of the building and its services and the addition of a 5-car garage — will ensure these units are renovated to the highest standard. Safety and comfort are foremost in this design, and in completing a full seismic upgrade and overhauling the buildings services, the owners have devoutly ensured this building will continue to offer the full San Francisco experience for years to come. Working on an apartment building such as this offers a different set of challenges and restrictions.  We were able to navigate this rehabilitation through the permit process, without the lengthy delays often imposed by the San Francisco Historic Preservation Commission.

The historic charm this building offered provided us a framework to polish this gem and enhance its unique qualities.

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