Gates Street

This Bernal junior home had a spectacular view that no one could see. Standard of junior floor plans of the era, the bathroom and kitchen had tiny windows that tied up some of the best space the home had to offer. A complete renovation and addition to this home doubled its living space allowing us to capture the view and provide ample space for modern living.

Bi-folding NanaWall and a seamless concrete finish bring the outside in and inextricably tie this home to the uninterrupted panorama.

Constructed at the end of the project, the deck proves that necessity is the mother of invention. Given budget and access constraints, it was not possible to excavate any more foundations. The braced structural supports provide the innovative solution without relinquishing aesthetic and function, allowing the concrete floors to spill out and provide access to the back garden.

Given the transformation this project offered, renderings of the proposed spaces early in the process enabled the owners to visualize and add the finishing touches to complete their new home.

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